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We are information technologists who take issue with systems that ill designed and/or configured without much forethought for workflow efficiency. Whether you are a dental office scheduling appointments, a manufacturing firm scheduling production, or an animation studio scheduling for render, you trust your system for data integrity and business continuity, until something breaks, doubt is cast, and questions reel. We start the Q&A process much earlier in order to prepare for disruptions as well as maximize workflow. 

“IT’s not about who we are, but what we do.”

The pandemic is forcing businesses into a state of panic, moving hastely often unprepared and sometimes unsecured. At ITLAYER we have your back. Should you find yourself impacted with such misfortune, rest assured we will have  you up and running within  24 hours from commitment. We will keep your operation moving forward safely and securely no matter how widespread your workforce is. Whether at home, office, campus, of in the cloud, we can help you replicate your work environment with a secure, simple, instant access, to your applications, email, files sharing, phone system, conference calls, and video meetings expediciously.

When Covid-19 is finally defeated and it will be whether it’s this or the next year, we will continue to deliver the same service and you will remain in good hands ensuring business continuity and workflow efficiency. Whether it’s a pandemic, cyber attack, natural disaster, business downturn, you will always be prepared with ITLAYER where ‘critical-time’ doesn’t come with an expiration date. We’re here to work tirelessly to ensure your success.

Good People, Good Results


With over 20 years of experience in providing technical solutions from infrastructure procurement to IT support in businesses across diverse industries, our clients bask in the comfort of having a partner who is actively involved to further their cause, not just an IT service provider. We take sincere interest in our clients wellbeing from securing their assets, maximizing their workflow, to connecting with their customers across their Internet. In short, we take part in every business endeavour where the client comes into contact with technology. We have a select group of technical experts across various disciplines who are committed not only to ensure IT stability but also business wherewithall.  

Management Team

Our management team brings decades of experience and a depth of understanding of our clients’ needs and the business environment in which they operate. The enterprise-ready, SMB-friendly philosophy of the business is focused on high-quality delivery, excellent implementation and first-class customer service.


Every customer at ITLAYER is a prestigious customers and we don’t distinguish based on any criteria other than need. We work with companies in the legal, hospitality, construction, e-commerce, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. A significant number of small businesses rely on ITLAYER not only to offer and outstanding support, but contribute to their growth through business and web acumen. We focus on the successful design, implementation and support of solutions that our customers have come to rely on.














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